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"Luci teaches you how to align your mind, body and spirit, and leverage that for ultimate success. She walks the talk because she has the education, background and experience. You can expect a keen sense of humor and incredible advice. "

Melody Chambers
Real Estate Business Trainer

"She's the whole package: mental acuity, leadership skills. She knows how to grow energy from the inside out; someone you want on your team. "

Mike Hayes
Serial Entrepreneur

"Luci’s methodology tells you how you can use easy, timely and quick practices to build your leadership and start feeling energized, clear minded and unstoppable in your day-to-day life whilst creating a team environment that is genuinely exciting to be a part of. "

Sunil Bhaskaran
Founder, Global Business Mastermind

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About Luci

Let's talk about how you can have leadership optimal performance.


Understand what it is to achieve high-performance leadership through practical and top-level leadership skills that include mental and physical self-care practices that exponentially increase your success.  

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I'm Luci, 
Leadership consultant, professor, author and speaker. I talk about the intersection of leadership and health, the place that gives you the high-performance edge.

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