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Hi, I'm Luci Gabel


The world is changing at a recordbreaking pace.

You need tools for optimal performance.

I can help.

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What Clients Have Said


"Fresh, new and different.

Exciting and cutting-edge."


I Will Help You:


Optimize your leadership skills and practices.

Being a successful leader —someone others want to follow— takes more than reading, attending conferences or workshops. It takes practice.

I'll work with you and/or your teams improve and practice the skills necessary to be a relevant leader today.



Maintain your edge.

Leaders maintain an edge: to consistently be creative and innovative, make great decisions, communicate. We need to be motivational and inspirational. We also need to stay relevant.

Motivation today is different from what it was 20 years ago. I'll help you stay at the top of your game.

Hire me for a talk or workshop.


Create exceptional stamina.

The right personal habits will make you physically and mentally younger and stronger—from your skin to your brain, right down to your DNA. This gives you an incredible advantage and puts you leagues in front of the rest.

Read some of the details in my book: Eat to Lead or watch one of my  keynote talks.

"After working with Luci, I eat better, I sleep better, I make better decisions, I make more money, I'm on top of my game, and I'm a better leader overall. I've tripled my income from last year, and it's only April."

Gary Schira

Owner, CEO
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Luci got me thinking and brainstorming in a way I wasn't used to. The next action I took was a phone call that changed my life.

I was 59 at the time. As a freelance entertainer, I now  get work opportunities that the average person would miss out on, and they lead me to uniquely beneficial financial situations.

I live life for these exciting moments.


Al  Sideen

Owner | Caricatures by Alan Sideen

About Me

I have years of experience in leadership, physiology, nutrition and genetics. 

I put it all together to help you find your high-performance edge.

I'm a speaker, author, podcast host, partner at Tipping Point Strategists, and professor at the George Washington University School of Medicine department of Clinical Research and Leadership School of Integrative Medicine.

Not an armchair theorist—I've held leadership positions around the world; in the government and private companies; and I've been an entrepreneur and VC-funded start-up founder.

My work experience spans from hospitals and rehab centers to health clubs and spas.

I've worked with people, coached and trained people, in all types of industries

including but not limited to engineering, technology, landscaping, health & fitness, medicine and entertainment.  

My leadership roles were in 5-star, white-glove, high-profile clubs and spas, where I learned how to handle high-stress, high-profile situations, motivate others to work well under these conditions, and optimize my own performance through science-backed health and lifestyle habits.

I've trained people to overcome illness and injury, lose weight and gain strength, reverse age-related decline, and become better athletes.

I've also trained people to be good employees, and good leaders.

I have advanced degrees in business (MBA, Johns Hopkins), and in physiology, nutrition, exercise and genetics (BA, MA, University of Maryland College Park).

I've lived and worked internationally:  New York City; Washington, DC; Honolulu, Hawaii; Silicon Valley;  Seoul, South Korea; and now Los Angeles.

My Education

Johns Hopkin’s University


University of Maryland  College Park

  • Master’s in Kinesiology with an emphasis on nutrition and genetics
  • Four-year degree program in Nutrition and Dietetics


Binghamton University (SUNY) 

• Bachelor’s in pre-medicine with an emphasis on physiology and psychology

"Luci delivered more than expected, and my expectations were high. When we met for our first session, she engaged quickly and parsed through lots of new and disorganized information to identify and hone in on a critical thread to make quick progress and impact— she cut through a LOT of noise to make our time together beneficial to me; that was impressive."

Christian Hamilton

Founder | Acoustic Orange

My Certifications

Behavior Change Specialist, ACE
Johns Hopkins Certified Executive Coach
Certified Exercise Physiologist, ACSM
Certified Wellness Coach ACE
Certified Hospitality Supervisor, AH&MA
Front Line Guest Service Training, AH&MA
Motivation and Team Building Training, AH&MA


Contact Luci

I work with clients around the world.

I've been working with clients and students online since 2011, and in person before then. I've worked with international communities and white-glove, 5-star, high-profile facilities since I started my career.

If you'd like to know the tools that lead to optimal leadership performance, connect with me here.

Luci Gabel in Veneto, Italy

Working with Luci got me thinking outside the box and led me to taking steps I hadn’t otherwise thought of taking.

As a result, my career opened up to greater promise, more earnings potential, and higher levels of growth than I imagined I might have at this juncture. I’m feeling strong, confident, and excited about my future.

Frank Khan

Program Leadership, Quality, Public Health, Patient Safety Operations


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