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You Want as a Leader


Use cutting-edge techniques and practices

derived from today's discoveries in 

neuroscience, physiology, nutrition & psychology

to support your leadership and optimal performance

in the company of high-quality peers 

with an experienced coach to guide you


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  • Inspire¬† others and yourself to the highest levels of accomplishment

  • Position Your People and your business for success

  • Position Yourself ¬†for lasting health and¬†optimal mental and physical performance¬†

  • Increase¬†your personal impact, and your company's profit and value

  • Advance yourself¬†with support of¬†peers¬†and a professional coach,¬†who¬†are passionate about¬†leadership optimal performance,¬†as well as optimal health, physical and mental performance

This program is for you.

"Luci’s methodology tells you how you can use easy, timely and quick practices to build your leadership and start feeling energized, clear minded and unstoppable in your day-to-day life whilst creating a team environment that is genuinely exciting to be a part of."

- Sunil Bhaskaran

The Overview:

What is it?


Group mastermind based on

a unique combination of cutting-edge science

mixed with time-proven leadership practices that

create optimal performance in leadership and life.

Together we cultivate:

  • strong¬†and¬†motivational leadership vision
  • uplifting¬†and clear¬†leadership communication
  • ¬†inspiring¬†and steady¬†leadership mindset
  • leadership skills that are important and relevant today
  • health habits that¬†enable a long, joyful, vibrant and successful¬†leadership life.¬†

We do this through:

Virtual, group discussions twice per month with an option for 1-1 coaching


When is it?

The spring cohort is starting soon. Date is slightly flexible based on group preferences. Get in touch below for schedule of the next cohort.



How long is it?

Monthly membership.

Sign up for the first 3 months and then stay in on a monthly basis. 


Who is the group leader?

Luci Gabel, experienced leadership coach and mentor.
More about Luci below.

"Luci teaches you how to align your mind, body and spirit, and leverage that for ultimate success. She walks the talk because she has the education, background and experience. You can expect a keen sense of humor and incredible advice. "

- Melody Chambers

Real Estate Business Trainer

The Details 



What's in the program?


Through a unique combination of 
cutting-edge science combined with time-proven leadership practices

we support each other in creating habits that strongly support optimal performance. 

These are skills and habits that will serve you for the rest of your life. They are also factors that will serve your personal health, the health of your teams, your family, and your business. 

They include your skills and habits in:

Vision and Purpose 





Sleep and Rest


We meet in:

Group mastermind meetings with focused attention to topics that are critical for optimal performance and high-impact leadership.

This is also your safe space to talk about real-world experiences, progress and setbacks, and get support and feedback from a close group of peers with an experienced coach as guide.

There's no cookie cutter here. 
It's individualized to you and your cohort, focusing on current events happening in your life.


It's on Zoom.
You don't need to travel.

We also have a private, online forum  for your continued support and accountability at your convenience.

There is an option for monthly, one-on-one coaching to power you to your next level of performance.


What topics are covered?

Topics include techniques from the latest research in neuroscience, physiology, nutrition & psychology

for optimal performance in leadership roles and life. 


We don't just talk, we practice.

In real time you'll practice the habits that: 

  • Strengthen an¬†innovative, creative, and¬†clear¬†mindset¬†
  • Bring your¬†long-term vision¬†and¬†big-picture¬†goals into reality¬†
  • Motivate and inspire people to optimal performance
  • Bring¬†your best self into difficult conversations: criticism, controversy, & negotiation
  • Support your health & optimal performance


You'll discuss ‚ÄĒand practice ‚ÄĒtime-tested skills of leadership as they work in today's world.

We won't read great leadership books from 50 years ago. Although they were groundbreaking then, leadership has a very different look today. We'll address what people respond to today in a leader, and what moves people (and groups, and organizations) forward today.

We won't be rehashing leadership mantras that you've seen over and over on LinkedIn. You'll be putting your knowledge into practice in your individual circumstances‚ÄĒthe only way to truly make change and progress.

You'll discuss‚ÄĒand practice‚ÄĒcutting edge, science-backed, habits that support your optimal performance in leadership and life.

Your health habits affect your optimal performance. A strong mind and body supports strong decision making, high creativity, and high interpersonal skills.

There will be no fads here, no hacks, no extremism.

You'll be supported in taking your next logical steps in optimizing your health, longevity and optimal performance, one science-backed step at a time.

Working with Luci got me thinking outside the box and led me to taking steps I hadn’t otherwise thought of taking.

As a result, my career opened up to greater promise, more earnings potential, and higher levels of growth and satisfaction than I imagined I might have at this juncture. I’m feeling strong, confident, and excited about my future.

Frank Khan

Program Leadership, Quality, Public Health, Patient Safety Operations

What's the schedule?


Live group gatherings are twice per month. On Zoom.

After a complimentary initial consult with Luci, you’ll be placed in your designated meeting time with the best-fitting cohort.

In addition, we have a private website for ongoing engagement & conversation, encouragement & accountability any time, day or night.

"She's the whole package: mental acuity, leadership skills. She knows how to grow energy from the inside out; someone you want on your team."

- Mike Hayes

Serial Entrepreneur

What's the investment?


What is it worth to future-proof your success and the success of your company, and build skills that advance your ability to achieve optimal performance for a lifetime?

You will leverage current scientific findings and practice them in ways that will strengthen your influence, your mindset and resiliency, your physiological and psychological well-being, and your ability to create value and increase profitability.

The benefits to your company will ripple through your team and company culture, to your customers and company reputation, to your long-term growth and financial stability.

You will create more joy and satisfaction in your life and at the same time achieve greater health for yourself and those around you.

What would you pay for this lifelong, intangible value of these practices which get better over time?


It costs nothing to have the conversation. Fill out the contact form below and we'll set up a call to answer your questions, discuss how this program can help you, and the schedule and cohort that suits you. 

Get started now.

There is no better time to start becoming everything you're meant to be. 


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The program starts at $350 per person/ month for 3 months. Continue on a monthly basis as long as you like. There's an option to upgrade to one-on-one coaching in addition to the program.

There is a 14-day, money back guarantee. If you find this program isn't for you, you will be refunded, no questions asked.

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