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Group Program


Luci Gabel


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Develop a unique combination of

time-tested leadership skills

and cutting-edge

mental and physical practices

elevate your performance


Inspire  others and yourself  

Create longevity and joy in your career and life

Position yourself ahead of the curve

Make the positive impact you want to make on the world

BE the leader you always wanted to be



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This program will give you the ability to  have:

Increased energy

Sharpened mental focus

Improved work-life balance

Heightened intuition

Higher confidence

Higher-level communication skills

Increased levels of calm during challenging times

Long-term optimal performance physically and mentally

"Luci’s methodology tells you how you can use easy, timely and quick practices to build your leadership and start feeling energized, clear minded and unstoppable in your day-to-day life whilst creating a team environment that is genuinely exciting to be a part of."

- Sunil Baskharan

Working with Luci got me thinking outside the box and led me to taking steps I hadn’t otherwise thought of taking.

As a result, my career opened up to greater promise, more earnings potential, and higher levels of growth and satisfaction than I imagined I might have at this juncture. I’m feeling strong, confident, and excited about my future.

Frank Khan

Program Leadership, Quality, Public Health, Patient Safety Operations

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The Overview:

What is it?

Bi-monthly (2x per month), virtual, group growth and development meetings &

Bi-monthly (2x per month),one-on-one coaching sessions with Luci Gabel


When is it?

The pilot Group Starts in January

See FAQ below for more


How long is it?

Beta group—6 weeks

Full program—3 months


Who is the program leader?

Luci Gabel, experienced leader, coach and mentor.
More about Luci here.


"She's the whole package: mental acuity, leadership skills. She knows how to grow energy from the inside out; someone you want on your team."

- Mike Hayes

Serial Entrepreneur

"Luci teaches you how to align your mind, body and spirit, and leverage that for ultimate success. She walks the talk because she has the education, background and experience. You can expect a keen sense of humor and incredible advice. "

- Melody Chambers

Real Estate Business Trainer

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