If You Want to Be an Inspirational Leader

If you're ready to take new, bold steps forward 
If you're committed to being the kind of leader people need today
If you want to dramatically change the world for the better

I can help.

As Your Coach and Consultant:


I'll help you to be an effective, well-rounded, leader and realize the results you want for your team, your business, and yourself. There has never been more fertile ground to create a new, different, and better future.

Let's face it—leadership is rewarding; it’s also difficult. Research shows people want their leaders to have integrity, be authentic and transparent. They want leaders who can lead them to results, stay ahead of the curve, be confident and have flexibility. And leaders who are mindful, compassionate, inclusive and inspirational are the ones that have the best teams and grow their companies fastest. This takes energy and skill. You can do it— and I can help.

I will help you develop your true leadership skills. I will also support you in making the healthiest possible decisions for your company, your team, and yourself.

I'm a co-active coach. No doubt, you have knowledge and experience already. I'll help you leverage your individuality and accomplishments to reach the next level. My guidance and feedback comes from my own leadership experience: under the US department of defense, in private companies, as a solopreneur and a VC funded startup founder. It also comes from years of study and experimentation. Yet you have the knowledge and capability to get wherever you want to go. I'll just help to bring it out.

If you need more than individual coaching— business strategy, consulting, legal, technical, financial—I work with  a team of experts to help organizations shine. We are a high-touch, hands-on group of practitioners who will bring chairs to your table, and help you structure, re-structure, manage, or change your company.


What Clients Have Said

“Not like any coach I’ve worked with. Fresh, new and different.
Exciting and cutting-edge."

"After working with Luci, I eat better, I sleep better, I make better decisions, I make more money, I'm on top of my game, and I'm a better leader overall. I've tripled my income from last year, and it's only April."

Gary Schira

Owner, CEO
Tan's Treasures: Best Online Live Plants


"When I work with clients, this is what they have to have handled before they can get to the next level."


Robin Tucker

LPC, Psychotherapist
& Leadership Coach, Washington DC


"Luci delivered more than expected, and my expectations were high. When we met for our first session, she engaged quickly and parsed through lots of new and disorganized information to identify and hone in on a critical thread to make quick progress and impact— she cut through a LOT of noise to make our time together beneficial to me; that was impressive."

Christian Hamilton

Founder | Acoustic Orange

Custom plans are available for individual coaching.

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